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trace file not geneating



I have VM where non cluster SQL Server 2012 configured.

Now in VM machine I have local admin access and can access machine via login ID say "Administrator".

Now in SQL Server 2012 I can login via selecting SQL authorisation via login ID say "SA" who has "SYSADM" privileges. But I am unable to login when I select window authentication.

Now I have installed latest version of pssdiag and can configure for:
  1. ADM 64
  2. SQL Server 2012
  3. Connecting using: SA Not windows authentication
  4. Others by default
Save it default location.

Then I move to folder where pssdiag is installed then run pssdiag.cmd under build folder.

After green signal till ctrl + C not error popup. then after few min I stopped it and navigate to ouput folder but .trc file was not their.

Question 1. Why trc file not generated.

Other way when I select windows authentication is pssdiag I got attached message. Refer Image1.

To fix this I added windows login ID "Authentication" in SQL server user and given sysadm role.

Then again when I select windows authentication is pssdiag I have not got above message in image file but again .trc file not generated.

Please help. and I also want to know in pssdiag, is machine name is host name? and instance name in DB instance?

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