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PSSDIAG trace file recycling issue


Could you please check if there is an issue when you run the pssdiag for long and it has to recycle the counters, it is failing to do so not at the time of run but when you try to load the data in SQL nexus. It fails with error ,
" multiple roots, xml line reference number ''xxxx'' has an error.

I have to modify the PSSDIA.xml in internal folder delete the extra node created created with <SQLDIag> forms half node with incorrect spelling </SQLDIAG>erform counter list*
                                                                                                        PerfmonCounter name="\FailedQueries/sec" enabled= 
  • no ending , no proper formation of XML.
Thanks for the support.

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zygonr wrote May 27, 2016 at 9:24 AM

adding the XML File